ScryptoChaps are waiting for you...


NFT Reservation

To reserve send 50 XRD to the below Radix Wallet address:


While waiting for the Babylon release, you can reserve your very own ScryptoChap by sending 50 XRD or multiples of 50 XRD to the ScryptoChaps wallet. The price of an NFT reservation is 50 XRD, with a limit of 250 NFTs per wallet. 

Once Radix Babylon is released you will be able to trade your CHAP tokens for a randomly minted ScryptoChap. 



ScryptoChaps are inspired by CryptoPunks and ScryptoPunks on Radix. This art consists of handcrafted digital images over a painted canvas of Charlie Chaplin by my father who is an artist in San Diego, California. I have turned his art into NFT digital art. There will be 10,000 ScryptoChaps created.


I hope you will enjoy admiring your ScryptoChaps.


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